Banner Special: Old and busted vs. New Hotness

It's been a while since I've done one of these, in fact, the last banner special was almost 3 years ago. The reason being that I simply haven't made any new banners since then.

Well, today I'm glad today I made new banners... sorta. Rather than making new banners, I decided to remake old ones into animated gifs. So with said here's Old and busted, new Hotness gif edition.

Old and busted vs. New Hotness: Duke Nukem 2

Before Duke Nukem became the poster boy for videogame development hell he was one of the FPS genre's greatest icons, and before that, Duke Nukem was just a really good Ms-Dos platformer. Now he's back, with the horizontal black bars being replaced with vertical ones. This was done so the text wouldn't super impose any cool smoke effects.

Old and Busted vs. New Hotness: Legend of Kyrandia 2

Legend of Kyrandia 2 might just be my most nostalgic point and click adventure game. As a kid I would play this over and over before giving up near the end because some of those puzzles were impossibly obtuse for me. This was a fun one to make though I actually had to remove the Brandywine's movement in the upper left corner. Having a purple dragon bobbing her head made the text hard to read.

Old and Busted vs. New Hotness: Dune

Of all the new banners this is my favorite. Chani's subtle movements are exactly what I was looking for when creating these.

Old and Busted vs. New Hotness: Dune 2

Yet another one I really liked. What is it with the Dune series and oddly-proportioned, constantly blinking characters?

Old and Busted vs. New Hotness: Another world / Out of this World

If there ever was a banner that screams "video game blogger" this would be it. I simply had to have this banner with new animations.

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