I'm not dead!

Yes, I know I've been away, but I'm not dead, just terribly terribly busy as I've recently started an internship for an indie game studio, Phoenix Online Studios.

If you're unaware what internship entails, it means I basically work for free hoping that they or someone else will eventually hire me in the future (Hey, the job market isn't the best, alright? :P)

So what games have they developed thus far?

Their first game was a freeware unofficial sequel to King's Quest called "The Silver Lining".

Their second title is also their first commercial product: Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller, currently in Episode 2 which is currently available for PC, MAC and ipad with linux and android ports either in the works or being planned, the game is currently on Steam Greenlight (feel free to vote it up) and it even featured Jane Jensen as a Story Consultant (for those that don't know, Jane Jensen was the creator of the Gabriel Knight series).

Well, that's it for now, feel free to play The Silver Lining as it's free, download the Cognition demo, buy it if you like, vote for it on greenlight if it's your thing, I'm still alive and I do plan to return, but I won't be posting as often as I used to.

Sorry everyone!


  1. That's great news, man. Really happy for you.
    Kick serious butt and hopefully the internship will turn into a job.

  2. I'm not dead either!