Developer: Sega
Publisher:  Sega
Played on: Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection

Flicky is a bit of a fish out of water, originally launched for arcades in 1984 you'd expect it to be an ported as an early famicom/Nes game or an early master system game, but that's not the case, instead, Sega waited 7 years and decided this was the sort of game they needed for their 16 bit console.

And what you get is an ugly looking and ear grating game with pretty simplistic gameplay, so you can tell that at first glance I was not impressed with Flicky, however, after giving it a few shots I can't deny that the gameplay won me over... somewhat.

You play as Flicky, a blue bird trying to save small chicks from cats, tigers and iguanas by picking them up and leading them to a door, your only means of defense are chairs tables and other throwable items that are spread through each level and... that's it really, it's not a very deep game, after all, it was launched in that odd 'post-atari but still not quite Nintendo' era.

Flickies has the addicting but simplistic gameplay of an Atari game, the graphic output of an early famicom game and a very grating soundtrack, it serves as a reminder of just how much the industry can change in 7 years, if you want to play some old school Atari-like, action this might be up your alley... in short bursts at least, but otherwise, it's just best if you avoid this one.

Trivia: Did you know that Flicky birds made tons of appearances and cameos in other Sega games? You can find them in Sonic 3 & Knuckles, Sonic 3D Blast, Teddy Boy, Sonic Adventure and many more.

Trivia 2: Did you also know that the game's designer Yoji Ishi was part of the Sonic team until mid-1999 when he left Sega to create Artoon? Some of Artoon's most notable games include Blue Dragon and Yoshi's Island DS

- Atari-like gameplay is fun in short bursts
- Looks like an early NES game, plays like an Atari game
- Music gets on your nerves really fast

Final Grade: D+

Packaging review:   Alas, I only own this game as part of a collection


  1. Couldn't you look up the packaging on Google images?

    1. I've thought about that, looking up the boxart and reading the manuals online.

      But I don't know, just doesn't feel right to me, I like actually seeing everything in person and giving my opinion on it