Virtua Fighter Remix

Developer: Sega-AM1
Publisher:  Sega

Virtua Fighter for the Saturn didn't exactly set the world on fire, though it did ran the risk of having angry fanboys setting Sega's Headquarters on fire, thankfully, we got an apology just a few months later called Virtua Fighter Remix.

First off, this game looks MUCH better than the previous port, for starters, it actually features textures, something not even the original arcade version had and the character models look so good they they could almost for Virtua Fighter 2 character, moreover, the glitchy graphics are gone and the framerate is pretty stable.

Unfortunately, Remix still falters in two departments, the backgrounds are just empty 2D images, yes I know that's how they looked in the arcade, but they could have improved them like they did with the character models, but the real issue, is that you're still limited to just two modes, Arcade and Versus, come on Sega, you can do better than that.

As far as the gameplay is concerned Remix plays just like Virtua Fighter for the Saturn, only much smoother.

Trivia: Did you know this version was available for free for all Sega Saturn owners for limited amount of time? Don't you wish more companies would own up to their mistakes like this?

- Takes a realistic approach to fighting games
- The fighting system is pretty balanced and strategic
- Textures and character detail make Remix actually look better than its arcade counterpart
- You're still limited to only two gameplay modes
- This strategic approach in fighting games won't appeal to everyone
- There are still better choices out there for Saturn fans

Final Grade: C

The game's cover looks a bit better than Virtua Fighter, if for no other reason for the fact that this time your characters are a bit more detailed and don't look like bunch of rectangles.

However, there is no instruction manual, I'm guessing the idea was that you already bought the first game and therefore you didn't need one, moreover, it comes on double sides jewel case, making it easy to confuse this for a PC game.

This version does come with a bonus 'CG Portrait collection' which is just a bunch of static CG images of the games' characters, again, they looked good for '95, but these days they're hardly worth the trouble of placing the disc on your Saturn as they are not compatible with PCs.

Packaging Grade: C-

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