Banner Special: The First Batch

While we're on the subject of Banners, I figure it's about time I display the initial That Random Game Blogger's banners:

Game: Commander Keen in Goodbye Galaxy

The one, the only, the very first banner, an MS-DOS classic!

Game: Dune

Featuring Chani, one of the first female characters I've seen in games with an actual personality.

Game: Ultima IV: Quest of The Avatar

This was taken from the master system version of the game, I like this image, though not everyone will enjoy its religious undertones.

Game: Duke Nukem II

Back when Duke Nukem was considered cool.

Game: Dune 2/Commander Keen

I love this banner, for someone with only mild Ms-Paint knowledge, I'm pretty proud of what I accomplished here.

Game: Out of This World/Another World

Ironic that this is the only banner that actually represents someone blogging 

Game: Legend of Kyrandia 2: Hand of Fate

Love this game, just had to place a banner of it, didn't care if the image didn't make any sense


  1. I think they are all quite good, but I really enjoy the first one.

  2. Like I said nice banners! Also, can you tell me how you put the tabs under search for systems and special, I can't seem to find where to put it or how to put it on my blog.

    1. Had to code them in HTML.

      I use this as my basis: