Sonic The Fighters

Developer: Sega-AM2
Publisher:  Sega
Played on: Sonic Gems Collection

I'll admit I don't fully understand the thought process behind a Sonic themed fighting game, but hey, Nintendo did something similar 3 years later and it worked out fine.

Unfortunately I can't say the same for this game, made by the same studio behind Virtua Fighter, Sonic the fighters runs on the same engine and even has the same "feel" as the first game in the series, however, Virtua Fighter this is not.

Want to know how I won my first eight battles? I spammed the punch button.
Want to know I defeated the boss? I blocked and then spammed the punch button.
Want to know how I defeated the secret boss in under 15 seconds? I spammed the punch button.

Yep, that's all there is to it, spam the same button over and over again. Now, you might think that even though the A.I. sucks, there may actually be good fighting mechanics, but there really aren't, first off, this game is so unbalanced it's not even funny, Fang, with his long range attacks will usually beat out everyone else, specially considering the damage his attacks make, I do love his Crocodile Dundee sense of style though.

The game even fails on the soundtrack department, you'd expect to hear some remixed classic sonic tunes, but nope, all of the music for this game is new and utterly forgettable.

I will however give props to the game's graphics, keeping the art design in tune with the previous games and character selection, going as far as to pick Amy (before she became a famous character) and even the lesser known characters from games like Knuckles Chaotix and Sonic Drift.

- Great graphics that fit the old school Sonic artstyle
- If nothing else, it's an interesting conversation piece

- Characters are horribly unbalanced
- You can win almost any fight by spamming the punch button
Final Grade: D


  1. I want to say the year was 1998ish and GameWorld Las Vegas just opened it's doors. Off to the side where lesser known arcade games were sat Sonic The Fighters. This was the first time I had ever heard of the game. Wow, a Sonic Fighting game. It had to be good. Right? One game later I was walking away disapointed when I could not beat Fang and his damn range. I think this was the time in my life that I often quoted "Screw this, where is KOF?"

    1. I beat Fang by spamming the punch button :P

  2. Glad to see you back. About the review, there are a lot of games where you can complete the game with just spamming one button. I hate it.

  3. Not surprised this wasn't the best game ever, Sonic hasn't really been that popular for a while. O, I also just wrote a post about Video games, I think it's appropriate to post here, if you'd rather not have links in your comments just let me know so I know for future commenting.