Q: What is that 'Random Game Blogger´?

A: That Random Game Blogger is a videogame review website I created, it's aim is to focus on all videogame systems ever created, be they consoles, computers, handhelds or arcades.

Q:Who is the blogger?

A: I'm just an average gamer who grew up in the late 80's with a Famiclone and an IBM compatible PC, the minute I laid hands on my first videogame (Super Mario Bros.) it was love at first sight.

Q:Why are your review so short?

A:I've always liked reviews that are short and to the point, with that said I sometimes feel like some of my reviews are too long as it is
Q: What are your review scores based on?

A: Several factors really, how much fun I'm having, the limitations of the system it's running on, how good it was in it's day and how well it stood the test of time. There is no definitive formula but these are my guidelines.

Q: Do you go back and re-review a game?

A: Yes, if I feel it's been a long time since I wrote the review for it, or if I feel I missed something the first time around.

Q: You gave a game I loved a poor review, how could you?

A: All of my reviews are subjective opinions, I'd never claim that no one will enjoy a certain game or that everyone will love another game.

Q: What sort of games do you play?

A: I try to play a little bit of everything, from every generation and system, be they platformers, RTS, Fighting games, Turn Based Strategy games, Shooters, Arcade racers, Arcade Sports games, RPGs, Adventure, Action Adventure, etc.

Q: Are there any genres you won't play or that you particularly dislike?

A: I'm not a big fan of Racing Simulators  (Gran turismo, Forza Motorsport, GTR, etc.), realistic sports games (NFL,NHL,PES, FIFA) and try as I might, I just could never get into "building games" such as Minecraft or Terraria.

Q: Does This mean we'll never see you review these?

A: Who knows? Maybe they'll grow on me. 

Q: You claim to want to review games for every system, but I don't see any reviews for X game system.

A: Unfortunately I don't own every gaming system ever created. I wish I did, but who knows, maybe one day I will

Q: How do you review your games? Do you use emulation or real hardware only?

A: I only review games that I legally own, with that said, if I don't own the original hardware for a game I might play it on either a game compilation or trough a download service such as XBL, PSN, VC or STEAM

Q: How do I know when you're not playing on the original hardware?

A: I'll add a line on the top left of the review saying that it's being played on another system, two examples would be Sonic The Fighters and Pitfall

Q: Why do you review the game's packaging?

A: I feel this is an area that is often overlooked by most reviewers and one that a lot of game collectors like to focus on.

Q: What do you base these scores reviews on?

A: I'll base them around the cover art, if the game comes with any extras like a map or a comic book, how useful the manual is, that sort of thing.

Q: How come some games don't have physical reviews?

A: That usually happens when I play a game through a compilation, a download service or if I don't own the full packaging (meaning the manual, box or any of the extras are missing).

Q: How can I support the Blog?

A: You can support us by spreading the word, donating through paypal, donating a game, it's packaging or parts of it's packaging and if you make eBay and Amazon purchases through the links posted on my website I get a small commission.

Q: Do I get anything by donating money or games to you?

A: Yes, all of your donations will go toward improving the website as much as possible. If you donate through paypal and make a request for a game or how you wish the money to be spent then your request will take precedence. If you send a game or a game's packaging it'll take priority over other reviews that are in the pipeline.

Q: Does this mean I can't request a game review unless I donate something?

A: Not at all, I'm very open to requests, though I am limited by the games that I actually own, hence why a donation would be welcome, but certainly not mandatory


  1. Very informative, You should make a page with this, so future visitors can check it out. (just a suggestion)
    I don't like realistic sports games either, even though they're quite popular among my friends. For me, nothing beats a good First Person Shooters or similar.

    Just shared your blog on my google plus, spreading the word.

    1. It's on the 'Specials' tab. I wasn't sure where else I could put it