Hack, Slash, Loot

Developer: David Williamson
Publisher:  David Williamson

Sometimes, games suffer from nothing more than being on the wrong system, Hack, Slash, Loot is a simplified rogue-like game, it removes the concepts of leveling up and inventory, though personally, I feel this only works against it, though you can still improve your stats by picking up gear or drinking potions you find on the ground.

Now, it's no secret that this sort of game is heavily based on luck, after all, you often don't know what potions or other items do until you try them and some of them might improve stats you don't plan on using or in some cases it might actually lower your abilities, the problem though, is that by removing inventory and a leveling up system you become solely reliant on pure luck, on my first gameplay I found an item that would slowly regenerate my health each turn, meaning I almost finished the game, on the subsequent attempts I could barely get past the second floor as I kept running away from enemies and desperately searched for healing items.

To the game's credit, it does feature an assortment of classes and different dungeons (though I'm guessing the later is an excuse to charge DLC at a later point).

Overall I couldn't help but think that this game would have been great on a smartphone, something to kill 5 minutes of your time while you wait for the bus, but on the PC there are just too many alternatives... even if some of them are older than I am.

- Easy to pick up and play
- Randomized dungeons add replay value
- Good if you have five minutes to kill

- Not much good if you have more time then that
- Too shallow

Final Score: D-

Packaging review: This game is Download only


  1. Like the review and I hope you'll be as active in reviewing as you were till now. I have some questions. How long do you play the game before you review it and how do you choose which game you will play?

  2. There's really no formula here, I have a pretty extensive personal collection and play each game according to my mood. But I only write a review about it when I feel i've played enough of it.

    In Hack, Slash, Loot's case I've played on and off during the last two months, though in this case I probably could've written a review in just a few weeks of playing it, it really is a pretty shallow game