Yar's Revenge

Developer:    Atari
Publisher:     Atari
Played on:    XBLA Game Room  

Yar's Revenge is a pretty complex considering its competition, in most space games all you have to do is either shoot everything on sight, or collect items while shooting everything on sight.

But not here, for starters, there's only really one objective and that would be destroying the Zorlon on cannon on the right while avoiding it's beams and guided missiles, as if that wasn't enough the cannon is protected by a shield (which looks pretty good) which you'll slowly have to wear down by either shooting or ramming into it.

Luckily though, you can retreat into the neutral zone in the middle of the screen (which also looks pretty good), which will stop the enemy fire but will also prevent you from firing, there you can also pick up a slab of energy capable of destroying the cannon but not it's shields. Once you destroy the cannon you're treated to a nice looking explosion, and then the whole thing starts all over again, only harder and harder.

Overall, Yar's Revenge is a treat in both gameplay and graphics, though I didn't care much for its sound, it got annoying fairly quick.

Trivia: Did you know that one of the people who worked on this was responsible for the infamous E.T. game?

- Pretty complex considering its direct competition is Space Invaders
- The graphics look pretty good by Atari 2600 standards
- It's pretty unique

- The sound can be a bit grating after a while

Final Grade: B

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