Private Eye

Developer:    Activision
Publisher:     Activision
Played on:    XBLA Game Room

This is an unusual game, as a detective you'll have to drive around in a quasi freeroam game, you'll have to pick up several items in the right order and under a very strict time limit, these are meant to serve as clues for the case you're working on (there's three cases total, one for each difficulty) but you wouldn't know it without reading the manual.

Your only means of defense is the jump button which is okay for the first case, but after on the final level I was wishing my gumshoe had a gun or something, it just gets way too chaotic for my taste.

Despite the interesting gameplay mechanics, I found this title to be little more than a memorization game with a lot of trial-and-error involved.

- The idea behind it is certainly original
- A free roam platformer? Probably the only one of its kind on the Atari 2600

- Won't take long before you have an optimal path memorized
- And once that happens the game is pretty much over

Final Grade: C-

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