Pitfall II

Developer:    Activision
Publisher:     Activision
Played on:    XBLA Game Room

THIS is how you do a sequel, the original Pitfall was a good game that unfortunately was starting to show it's age, but the sequel improves just about everything, the world is bigger and this time, instead of an underground path there's a whole complex of them that are strangely reminiscent of Metroid, you also get some new abilities like swimming and flying on balloons.

The graphics are virtually the same as the original Pitfall, but the sound is MUCH better, there's even background music this time around, something very rare for the time.

Trivia: Did you know the game's cartridge came with its own sound chip?  No wonder the music is so good

- Possibly the best soundtrack on any Atari 2600 game
- Gotta love that dungeon system
- Flying on the balloons is a guilty pleasure of mine

- it still comes down to little more than memorization, though this time there's more to do

Final Grade: A

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