Keystone Kapers

Developer:    Activision
Publisher:     Activision
Played on:    XBLA Game Room

If there's something I love about the 2600 and games in general from that era it would be how so many tittles have such simple concepts and how well the developers make pull it work.

A cop and robbers game on a mall? Genius! A shame you don't get to play as the robber though, still, this game is very fun regardless, you'll need to chase said robber before he escapes or before the time runs out while catching items for bonus point and avoiding bouncing balls and shopping carts, I also like that being hit by them doesn't take you a life, but instead reduces your timer and that's a good thing, because by the time you reach the 4th or 5th level things get REALLY hectic, though they also get a bit repetitive.

- A nice, simple platformer
- I love how much stuff they cram on the same map between levels
- It isn't long before the game becomes chaotically fun

- But it also isn't long before it becomes too chaotic
- Adding some more maps would be nice

Final Grade: B

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