Developer:    Activision
Publisher:     Activision
Played on:    XBLA Game Room

In this game you're sent to a deep dark cave infested with the typical spiders, bats, bottomless pits and lava to save some miners, luckily you brought with you a short distance laser, a limited supply of dynamite and a backpack propeller (God I wish I had one of those).

Each level has various screens, usually requiring you to kill/dodge enemies, blow up a pillar or perform some light platforming. I like how some of them offer more than one path, though often it comes down to little more than a 'right' and 'wrong' path, so some memorization is definitely in order. I also really like how colorful and detailed your character looks, those are some late 2600 graphics right there.

Trivia: H.E.R.O. is an acronym for Helicopter Emergency Rescue Operation

- Flying on your chopper is extremely fun
- I love the difficulty scale progression
- Smart level design
- Having to conserve dynamite promotes strategic thinking

- Running out of Dynamite will pretty much result in a game over
- Suffers from leap of fate syndrome

Final Score: B+

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