Desert Falcon

Developer:    Atari, Inc
Publisher:     Atari, Inc
Played on:    XBLA Game Room

An ancient Egyptian themed SHMUP sounds like a pretty good original idea on paper, unfortunately, what this Pseudo 3D SHMUP has in originality it lacks in fun.

Making use of an isometric perspective, Desert Falcon looks stunning for an Atari 2600 game, but as a side-effect it's hard judge distances or even aim. I also found the power up system needlessly confusing, requiring you to pick up three items and depending on their order you get a different temporary ability.

You falcon can either walk on land or fly, while on land you move at a snail's pace but it's easier to dodge enemy fire, when taking flight I felt the game ran too fast making it uncontrollable. At the end of each level you come across a giant Sphynx which acts as each level's boss, but honestly, even though I've already killed it several times I still have no idea what you're supposed to bring it down. sometimes it died in a few hits other times you'll keep wailing at it and it doesn't even blink, wherever it's weak-spot may be, I haven't found it.

Maybe I just don't 'get' Desert Falcon, but after dedicating quite a bit of time to it I have to say there's little enjoyment to be had here.

- How many Ancient Egyptian thematic shooters do you know of?
- The power up system is pretty interesting...


- But it's not very fun
- When flying everything goes by too fast
- When walking everything goes by too slowly

Final Score: D

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